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On mobile, desktop or web. Taskio is everytime with you and ready to boost your productivity.

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Helps you

Taskio helps you with your everyday tasks. On mobile, desktop or web, it has the right set of features you'll need.

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    Task reminder, a minute when you get reminded about your duties. Simply set it and forget it. Until it's time.

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    Date Detection

    Do you need to meet Steve on monday morning? Just write it and Taskio will determine the reminder and will setup everything for you.

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    A little helper for your professional planning. On desktop/web, there's even full calendar with drag-and-drop planning. Go on, try it!

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    Access Anywhere

    On mobile, desktop or web. Your tasks are always with you.

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    Cloud Synchronization

    Seamless cloud synchronization. Create task on desktop, get reminded on mobile.

Powerfull premium features

Taskio Premium has all the tools that you need to become a get-things-done guru. Beatifully designed with productivity in mind.

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    Location Based Reminders

    Forgot to buy milk when you were in shop? Will never happen again. With location based reminders you'll be notified when you are nearby.

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    For situations where a task needs to be fine tuned. Like shopping lists, party organizing, gardening projects...

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    Tags helps you to stay focused. Organize your tasks into lists. There's even more - one task can be assigned to multiple tags, so it appears in multiple lists at the same time.

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    Reminders App Import

    Use your voice to create new tasks on your iOS devices. Tell your voice assistant to create a reminder and it will be seamlessly converted into a task.

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    Task Recurrence

    Some real life activities are always recurring. Get reminded about them.

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    Choose from 14 predefined themes and customize application's look and feel. Personalize your experience.

What you get



Taskio Premium is available as monthly and yearly subscriptions and as a lifetime plan (no subscription, just pay once and use forever).